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Taking the Road Less Traveled By

“I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”-Robert Frost 

What does this quote mean to you? In the best selling book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, he explains that 95 percent of us will choose the easiest route. For example, hitting the snooze button every morning, skipping workouts, not saving money, etc.

The other 5 percent knows that success stems from making the best everyday choices. They know those private unseen moments ultimately determine what path your life will take. They risk being uncomfortable enough to reach new heights and make those everyday choices that will lead to a more fulfilled and successful life.

One of the biggest points Olson emphasizes in this powerful book, is that we are never staying in the same place. We are either making choices that lead us on the upward curve towards abundant success and progress OR we are riding that downward curve with poor choices inhibiting our growth.

the slight edge - curve

Motivational Speaker, Mel Robbins, discusses why it’s so critical to make powerful decisions in this short clip, and how to start doing them.

Start Somewhere!

So what area in your life do you want to see more success in? Is it in your spiritual life? Do you want more growth in your career or financial life? `Whatever it is, Olson offers a simple solution.

First, decide where it is you want to see improvement. Pick just one thing for now that you would love to see change in your life. The key is to start somewhere! That first move will give you the momentum to keep making more and more changes over time. In The Slight Edge, Olson says,”Wherever you can take action and begin creating little successes DO IT.” Because guess what? These little successes will always pour into other areas of your life. That 5 percent group I was talking about KNOWS that you can’t accomplish it all at once. Time is their friend and they don’t get discouraged when things don’t change right away.

If you’ve been wanting to improve your health, start by taking a walk around the neighborhood once a day, join a gym, or stop drinking soda. You want to be a more organized person? Start with that junk drawer that drives you crazy! Do you want to improve the relationships in your life? Maybe start by showing little acts of service each day or saying I love you more!

Whatever area it is, just stay patient and consistent and watch the progress inevitably happen.

Ignore the Doubters

“Men will never fly, because flying is reserved for angels.”

Do you know who said that? The famous Wright Brothers father, Milton Wright. Clearly the Wright Brothers didn’t let words get them down. They invented and flew the world’s first successful airplane, took to the sky, and proved all the people who doubted them wrong.

Do you know what keeps many of us from “flying”? Before we turn 5 years old, we’ve already heard 40,000 no’s and only hear yes about 5,000 times. As we get older, hearing no becomes more and more frequent. At some point in our lives, we share our dreams and ambitions and get shot down or told to choose something more realistic.

In The Slight Edge, Olson says,” If you are one of those rare and special 5 percenters who decides to ignore gravity, take to the sky and break free of the downward pull of life – I’ve got good and bad news for you. The good news is you’re already exceptionally well oriented toward success. The bad news, is all those 95 percenters are going to be yanking on you, sitting on you, naysaying, and doing their best to pull you back down.”

WHY? Because if you succeed, it reinforces the fact that they are not where they want to be.

Rise up and drown out the negative voices from others.

Blame vs. Taking Responsibility

If you want to get a good idea of how successful you or anyone else will be, this is a pretty good determinant. The predominant state of mind displayed by people on the upward curve of success is taking responsibility. Can you guess what the downward failure curve individuals display? Blame.  

Taking responsibility liberates you. Hard times come upon all of us , and most will be completely out of our control. How we view and react to these setbacks makes the difference between success and failure.  “A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”

Don’t be a victim, this is the perfect mind set for failure. Set high standards, take responsibility for who and where you are in life.

the slight edge - blame

Taking the road less traveled by takes you to exciting places, helps you form great relationships, and become the best version of yourself. Most people don’t want to put in the work that’s required to get there.

Here are some other fantastic quotes from The Slight Edge to give you some motivation for the week! Hope you liked this article. Tackle your goals this week and we’ll see you on the upward curve! 

“The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is in the simple choices they make everyday. Successful people take simple and positive actions that are repeated over time. Unsuccessful people do the exact opposite: they make simple errors in judgment that are repeated over time.”

“It’s tough to get rid of the habit you don’t want by facing it head on. The way to accomplish it is to replace the unwanted habit with another habit that you do want. And creating new and better habits, ones that empower and serve you, is something you know how to do. You do it the same way you built any habit you have: one step at a time.”

“Your relationships, financial health, attitudes, level of success in your career, and everything else about your life will tend to be very close to the average level of each of these conditions in your five closest friends and associates.”

“Successful people fail their way to the top.”

trendiest cities in the valley - az

Trendiest Cities in the Valley, Home Prices, Events, and More!

When you’re house hunting in the Valley, there are many wonderful options to choose from. Many statistics have shown some areas in the East Valley to even be the safest in America! We have affordable and beautiful homes, great communities, and the BEST weather! (most of the year) 

Choosing the best spot to settle down in is an important decision. We want to help you out and give you the update on the trendiest cities in the Valley, 2017 home prices/statistics, best schools, upcoming events, and more! 

Let’s get started! 


Chandler is the up and coming city in the Valley. The city of Chandler was awarded the safest city in Arizona! They have the best schools, a great night life, and many ongoing community events. 

trendiest cities to live in valley - map

According to, this is the median home value and a map showing the average home prices depending where you live in Chandler. Click here to see more statistics and market info on Chandler homes! 

Want to see what homes are currently on the market? Click here to get started! 

trendiest cities to live in valley - map

trendiest cities to live in valley - map



Here are some upcoming events in Chandler this Fall! 

Arizona Harvest Festival

San Tan Oktoberfest

Fall Greek Festival

Rockin Taco Street Festival 

Chandler Art Walk

Tumbleweed Tree Lighting Festival 

AZ Classic Jazz Festival 

For more details on these events visit their website:




Gilbert is a thriving suburb community, constantly growing and adding exciting stores, restaurants, stunning homes, and more! According to Gilbert, AZ website, Gilbert boasts a nationally ranked K-12 education system including public schools, unique magnet and charter schools, with an average graduation rate of 90%. Nearly 40% of Gilbert residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and the median household income is $80,080.

The estimated population is expected to reach 330,000 over the next decade. Gilbert is well known for being trendy, clean, and safe.

trendiest cities in the valley - gilbert


If you’ve been considering relocating to Gilbert,click here to see all the beautiful homes for sale in that area. 

Below are some Real Estate statistics and a map showing average home prices. For more market info and statistics click here! 

trendiest cities - gilbert

trendiest cities - gilbert



Gilbert always has exciting special events popping up each month. Here’s a list of the upcoming Fall events in 2017!

Schnepf Farms Pumpkin & Chili Festival

MACFest Arts and Crafts Celebration

Gilbert Days Parade

Farmers Markets

Gilbert “Off the Street” Art Festival




Mesa covers 132 square miles, is the third largest city in Arizona and the 36th largest city in the nation. You can find several homes on the market that have been totally remodeled and are below $300K. To start your home search click here! 

Here is some more statistics, market info, and price information…

trendiest cities in the valley -mesa


trendy cities - mesa


Dia de los Muertos Festival 

Haunted Attractions

Goat Yoga

Food Truck Festivals

Trick or Treat Main Street

For more events visit the City of Mesa’s event website:

We are mortgage experts here in the East Valley and have the best reviews, ratings, and prices in town! If you have any questions give us a call at 480-832-4343 or visit our website

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Real Estate Marketing Trends in 2017

We are more than halfway through 2017 and have already seen some new and improved Real Estate Marketing trends. If you haven’t already incorporated these marketing trends into your Real Estate business, now is the time to catch up! 

Today we are going to highlight the four most popular trends hitting the Real Estate market to help keep you in the loop. Ready? Let’s get started! 

marketing trends - phone


1.Streaming LIVE & Video Marketing

By now you have probably heard the terms “streaming” or going LIVE on Facebook or Instagram. These social platforms have truly made it easier than ever to create live video events with your audience. Personally, I think the best part about going live on any social network is the opportunity to organically connect with your followers and consumers. This is the perfect tool to start a Q&A, answer business and personal life questions, or share some exciting news. 

At the bottom of every live video is a pop up for followers to type in any questions or comments throughout your video. This is an incredibly authentic way to connect with your audience! 

Real Estate agents all over the world have used this tool to their advantage by doing live virtual open houses or opening videos up to questions about their new listings. 

Click here to see some more creative ways to stream or go live to benefit your Real Estate business! 

real estate success - record


2.Powerful Content

According to Contactually, 448,800 tweets, 1,440 WordPress blog posts, and 500 Youtube videos go up every minute. So what makes yours so special? How do you diversify your content? 

Being able to personalize yourself with an interesting blog or powerful social media presence is one of the biggest marketing trends this year. New home buyers are looking for as much possible information about you, your style, and homes you’re selling. 

real estate success - creative

Every post should have creative content that presents you as an expert in your community or of your Real Estate niche. Some ways to do this include….

-Get others involved! Reach out to others in your community, conduct interviews, feature guests, and anyone else that can add something different to your posts.

-ALWAYS have a captivating title. That’s your readers first impression and it has to be engaging. 

-Quality comes before quantity. Be informative in your posts, but make them short, sweet, and to the point. 

-Start Giveaways & Contests to gain more likes, comments, and followers. Get your community excited about your page! 

-Ask questions & follow up with “Tell us what you think in the comments!” Question posts get 100% more comments than standard text-based posts. 

marketing trends - questionsTo learn more about content marketing click here. 


3.Virtual & Digital Showings

“Online viewers are highly visual and want to see as much as they can about products–and especially real estate. That makes it more important than ever for real estate listings have excellent photography and presentation.” -Roberta Murp, Real Estate Agent Carlsbad, CA. 

Digital showings give buyers the freedom to navigate properties from home, visualize themselves living there, and get the information they need without scheduling a showing. This isn’t just a trend in Real Estate marketing. Virtual showings will soon become a listing standard as they are becoming more and more popular. 

Listen to Re/Max Realtor Brandon Doyle discuss the future of digital showings here. 

real estate success - type


4.Boosts and Facebook Ads

Fifty six percent of those who have used Facebook ads have reported that it’s resulted in more real estate business for them. Boosting your posts is an easy way to ensure more people see your posts. This marketing trend has been proven extremely effective time and time again. Especially when you gain more practice targeting the right audiences for each of your posts. 

Here’s a basic how-to to get started boosting your Facebook posts.

real estate success - type

These marketing trends are shaping the way agents run their Real Estate business. Some of these may require a little bit of an investment (new camera, boosting posts, etc.), but it’s well worth your money if it guarantees more business. 


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Build a Better Home: TOP 5 Cabinet Companies in the Valley!

As part of our Build a Better Home series, we wanted to feature the TOP 5 Cabinet Companies in the Valley. We love this series because we get to share with you the BEST businesses in our community. Through stellar reviews, testimonials, and pictures these are the BEST Cabinet Companies that stood out to us the most!

Here are the TOP 5 Cabinet Companies in the Valley!

1. Solid Cabinetry

cabinets - cabinets

Sollid Cabinetry offers 100 different styles and all kinds of different products to choose from.

Through Facebook and Google, happy customers have left tons of raving reviews saying what an incredible job this company has done in their homes.

cabinets - sollid

Sollid Cabinetry has over 35K followers on Instagram and is full of beautiful photos of their impressive work. Here are some we loved the most!

cabinets - solid

cabinets - solid

Contact info:

Instagram: @sollidcabinetry

cabinets - contact

2.ElmHurst Cabinet Co.

cabinets - elmhunt

This Cabinet Company has stellar reviews and all positive feedback. Their work is exquisite and we are happy to list them as one of our top cabinet companies in the valley! Checkout some of their best Google Reviews!

cabinets - elmhurst

ElmHurst Cabinets in Mesa provides quality residential kitchen cabinets and kitchen remodeling services at affordable prices throughout the Valley!

With ElmHurst Cabinets, you purchase directly from one of Arizona’s top kitchen cabinet dealers. That means significant savings to you on many of America’s highest-quality cabinets, and countertops.

To checkout their beautiful portfolio click here! 

Contact Info:

Call at 480-807-0823

3. Superior Stone and Cabinet, Inc.

cabinets - superior

This store has it ALL!

Countertops, Cabinets, Flooring, and more!

They have some of the greatest reviews in the Valley and prove it with their phenomenal work/photos!

cabinets - reviews

Here are some pictures of their awesome cabinet work!

cabinets - stone

cabinets - stone

Contact Info:


4. Cabinets To Go

cabinets - to go

“They were the lowest price in town and their quality is excellent”

This is just one of the many happy reviews left by past customers. Cabinets To Go offers cabinets, flooring, accessories, counter tops, and more!

Their products have been used on popular shows like HGTV Dream Home, BATHtastic, Kitchen Crashers, HGTV design star, and BLOG CABIN.

Click here to visit their website & contact page! 

5. Cabinet Coatings Of America

cabinets - america

This family owned and operated business has been transforming kitchens and baths in the Greater Phoenix Area since 1992. They do a quality and affordable job as quick as possible. On their website they say “the average time it takes to complete the entire process is a mere week or less… and only about a third or less of that time is spent in your home. The rest is done in our state-of-the-art finishing facility so your life can go on as usual.”

Checkout their testimonial page to see others experience with Cabinet Coatings of America here! 


So there you have it, the TOP 5 Cabinet Companies in the Valley! If you’ve been considering upgrading your cabinets to something more modern and trendy, give one of these companies a call to do the job. They are the best in the community and offer an affordable and quality job!

fall - home

Fall Home Decor Ideas

FALL is just around the corner!

Who doesn’t love Fall? Sweater weather, fun holidays, pumpkins, yummy food- these are just some of the reasons this is our favorite season!

The best part is getting creative with decorations around the home. Need some tips? Checkout some of our favorite trending Fall Home Decor Ideas! 

fall - pumpkins


If you love that Neutral Fall look, checkout this great website to get some ideas for your home!

fall - kitchen

fall home decor - kitchen

fall - kitchen

For more Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas Click HERE!

fall - kitchen

For your Porch or Walkway…

Even if you don’t have the time to decorate every room in your home for Fall, adding a few things on your front porch is a lot easier than you think. Below are a few links to help you get creative!

fall - porch

fall - porch

fall - porch

fall - porch

fall - porch

fall - porch

Create a beautiful FALL entryway:

Prep your porch for Fall:

Porch Decoration Ideas:

Fireplace & Living Rooms

fall - fireplace

fall - fireplace

fall - home

fall - home

fall - home

HGTV gives some sweet decorating tips for your living room & fireplace click here to see more! 

For more Fall Fireplace & Mantel Decorating Ideas click here!

Some DIY Fun!

Wanna plan a fun Fall activity with your family? Try some DIY activities that are inexpensive and make great decorations!

We love this idea. Buy a big (fake) white pumpkin and have everyone write what they are thankful for with a sharpie or permanent marker.

Checkout the links below for some other fun tips!

fall - diy

fall - diy

fall - diy

Make a Fall Bucket list!

fall - diy

50 Fall Craft Ideas

Hope this helped get you into the Fall spirit! As you can see, there are many ways to have fun with your home when decorating for the holidays.

What is your favorite part of the home to decorate? Tell us in the comments!

Until next time!

Why Testimonials Are Your Best Tool for Your Business

How often do you put yourself in your audience or consumers shoes? Maybe not enough?

Say you’re trying to lose weight, and you start seeking a new personal trainer. Imagine you stumble on a personal trainer’s page and they have zero reviews, no powerful testimonials, or pictures of their clients “after” results. Would you choose this type of business? Of course not!

You are most likely to choose a business/person that can show you they have the experience and the PROOF to back it up with these testimonials, pictures, and reviews. Five star reviews, happy customers in their photos, and positive testimonials are what helps consumers overcome their fear or doubt in taking action. Especially when it requires them to do something or pay money.

Today we are going to show you just how simple setting up testimonials can be, and why great reviews can help your business stand out!


Imagine you just had the best experience with a business or restaurant. You planned on writing up a fantastic review…but life got busy and you completely forget. That’s the reality of it. And frankly is the reason why most businesses don’t get the five star reviews they deserve. People get busy and don’t remember to rave about that great business they fell in love with!

There’s a solution however. There are many tools and systems available in the market that can help you capture the reviews your business needs. Some even send an automatic friendly reminder (through text or email) that leads past consumers directly to Facebook or Google Reviews. These reminders have been proven extremely effective for improving your review status.

These tools may come with a small price, but it’s worth hearing back from happy clients and showing everyone how you serve your customers.

For example, here at Sun American Mortgage we send an immediate reminder to our customer after their successful closing with us. Almost every time we receive a positive review immediately praising our team and company! These five star reviews have helped us stand out against our competitors in the Valley. When anyone googles “mesa mortgage” we pop up first, simply because we found the best way to encourage our happy customers to share their experience. Google gives substantial clout in the search engine to businesses that have consistent reviews flowing through their Google Brand Account.

As consumers, our eyes automatically focus on the first name listed. Almost always the brand that is listed in the top has the most reviews with the highest avg. rating.

testimonials - reviews

Just googling our name pops up even more great reviews on Zillow, Facebook, Yelp, and gives a peek at some of the latest Google Reviews!

Where To Start

We highly recommend using My Social Practice to get started! They guide you through Google Reviews, Social Media Reviews and more. gives some other resourceful ways to enhance your reviews and feedback for everyone else to see

testimonials - links

One recent study found that customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating in content marketing at 89%. –

The social influence of testimonials is the powerful PROOF that can convince someone to choose YOU over others. Visitors to your page are attracted to authentic and credible testimonials that show them you know how to do your job right, as well as “like-minded” people who highly recommend you over anyone else.

If you prefer to get your testimonials from your clients directly, we recommend writing down specific questions you will want to ask. Some of these questions might be..

testimonials - questions

To wrap up…

The only way your target audience will know you’re the best, is through stellar reviews and testimonials. Implement a streamlined automated way for your clients to submit their testimonials, which in-turn can be pushed out to Google or Social Media platforms. These testimonials will attract strong new leads, more traffic to your website, and spread the word about how great you are!  It will be so worth it in the end!

Want to join our Marketing Mastermind Group? Get in-touch with us and start moving the needle in your marketing. 480-467-1069

Real Estate Success

How To Become a Charismatic Leader for Massive Success!

When you were younger, was there someone you looked up to? Who was it that inspired you to pursue the career you have today? There are certain people in our lives who spark inspiration in us and push us to be better. These people were leaders who led you to your future potential.  Whether that was your parents, a friend, or a coach, it made a lasting impression on you.

charismatic-leader real estate

The MOST successful business leaders do the same for their clients. Having a charismatic leader is needed for any type of business and has been proven crucial for success. They are the face of their company and they make a lasting impression on their clients and followers. They inspire and connect with their audience the best way they can. They show them the exciting future and charismatically lead them to their goals.

Why having a charismatic leader is necessary for your business

Genius Entrepreneur and Marketing expert Russell Brunson, says consumers always need to associate someone like-able with a particular product or business. There needs to be a deeper connection other than just a transaction. According to Harvard Business Review and The University of Lausanne, a charismatic leader outperforms their non-charismatic peers by an average of 60%. Numerous studies and research has shown that having a like-able leader as the face of your company will attract better attention, leads, and a thriving business! Let’s take a look at some CEO’s and powerful figures to see how they used this to their advantage!

Steve Jobs was bright, intelligent, and an incredibly interesting speaker. Consumers were always on the edge of their seats to tune-in to his new invention or idea. Everyone associates Apple products with Steve Jobs because he was a charismatic leader who always showed them the exciting future. Steve Jobs always knew what would appeal to his audience and obviously gained great success from doing so!

Future Based Movement

How did Obama capture his audience so well? Why did Donald Trump have such a successful campaign? The answer is that they created a future based movement. They didn’t waste their time talking about the present. Possible one of the reasons they won, was because they helped their audience see what the future held and helped them envision it as a reality.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave moving speeches that helped the whole world visualize a more peaceful future. One direct quote from his “I Have a Dream” speech says “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The vision of a better future seemed impossible to the people living in that time. Martin was determined his voice be heard and with that voice he gave people hope.

What do you offer that will give consumers a brighter future? Always highlight what their future end result will look like with what you have to offer.

What are some other Qualities of a Charismatic Leader?

“Being a leader gives you charisma. If you look and study the leaders who have succeeded, that’s where charisma comes from, from the leading.” – Seth Godin

Thanks to research, we know that charisma is a quality everyone can develop. So what other qualities will help you become a more charismatic leader? Charisma starts with a sense of self. What do you want to be charismatic about and why? Aim to have charisma in a purpose or group of people you are genuinely passionate about helping and working with.

real estate success

Attentiveness: A charismatic leader makes the people around them feel valued and genuinely listened to.  They engage with them on social media and stay tuned to what their audience wants and needs.

Listen intently and make good eye contact. Numerous studies have shown that eye contact increases likability, attractiveness, and trustworthiness. Harvard researchers also conducted studies on how sharing information about ourselves impacts our brains. Did you know that our brains are literally wired to enjoy sharing information about ourselves? Sharing information about ourselves triggers areas of the brain associated with reward and pleasure! With this knowledge, understand that being a charismatic leader is LESS about you, and more about how you make others feel.

A charismatic leader lets people know that they matter through big and small gestures, a firm handshake, and anything else that will let them know they are valued.

Charismatic leader

Passion: Charismatic leaders are passionate and they show it. They radiate warmth, positive energy and attract people everywhere they go. The psychology behind this is something called “emotional cognition.” Many studies show that strong emotions are contagious. If you have a coworker who is constantly negative for example, you’ll find that you may start to think a little pessimistically when you are around them. Likewise, surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting people can inspire you and help you think more positively.

A charismatic leader shares exciting videos and pictures of themselves doing what they love. When they speak to clients they are genuinely passionate about helping them. I guarantee you won’t find a powerful historical leader or successful CEO who wasn’t incredibly passionate about their cause or business!

Stretch the world: Charismatic leaders are bold and push the boundaries beyond what is ordinarily thought possible. They talk about ideas that are bigger than themselves and took action towards making it happen.

They believe in themselves:  A charismatic leader has fears and anxieties like anyone else, but they don’t allow it to disrupt their vision. One of the best ways to boost your confidence when a trial comes along, is to look back and reflect on how you overcame it in the past. Great leaders remind themselves there’s nothing they can’t get through and that kind of thinking allows them to succeed.

Becoming a charismatic leader comes down to passionately caring about your niche and target audience. It means showing them the future and gearing them towards that. Every single thriving company, religion, and winning political campaign had a figure everyone could associate it with. To get started, start adapting and practicing these skills. With hard work your community can look up to you, and your success is inevitable!

To wrap up, check out this awesome quote by Russell Brunson in his bestselling book Expert Secrets! He says, “You have been blessed with talents, ideas, and unique abilities that have gotten you to where you are in life, and those gifts were given to you so you could share them with others. There are people today who NEED what you have! And they are just waiting for you to find your voice, so you can help them change their lives. What a tragedy for them if you don’t develop your voice now.”

For more tips on how to grow you your Mortgage or Real Estate Business and better connect with your community, click here! 

Want to join our Marketing Mastermind Group? Get in-touch with us and start moving the needle in your marketing. 480-467-1069


real estate agent - ted

6 TED Talks Everyone in the Real Estate Industry Needs To Watch

Working in the Real Estate or Mortgage industry requires knowledge, thick skin, stellar conversational skills, and many more learned skills that come along the way. The good news is there are many entrepreneurs like yourself that have fallen, messed up, and gotten back up again. Most of these inspirational figures will share their experiences and what they’ve learned through podcasts, best selling books, or inspiring talks.

real estate agent - tedWe put together 6 of our favorite TED talks where authors, gurus, and experts share how to be a better communicator, listener, and overall balanced human being. These lessons set you up for massive success in your personal life and for your business. 

Smash FEAR, Learn Anything

Diving into a new career can be scary and trigger some fear now and then. You’re not the only one that feels that way. This informative TED Talk by bestselling author Tim Ferriss, teaches you how to overcome your biggest fears so you can be more successful! 



How To Speak So That People Will Listen

How do we speak powerfully to make change in the world? Julian Treasure demonstrates the how-to’s of POWERFUL speaking. What habits do we need to break in our daily conversations (example gossiping, negative speaking, being judgemental)? Julian then speaks of the main qualities we need to possess to have great conversations, our tones of voice, the pace we say things, and much more. 


All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

The pace of life is always frantic- when was the last time YOU took the time do nothing? We are always so distracted we’ve forgotten how to be present. Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe teaches the transformative power of doing NOTHING for 10 minutes a day-no texting, talking…nothing. When life hit rock bottom for him in his early twenties, he learned how to use meditation to heal his overwhelming negative thoughts. Ever since mastering this skill, he has become more appreciative and grateful each day. Andy teaches us how to have a more relaxed and focused mind. 


Want to help someone? Shut up & Listen!

In this funny and interesting TED talk, Ernesto Sirolli teaches that the first step to helping people is taking the time to listen to them. Stay away from a patronizing attitude, telling the community what they want. This lesson has had millions of views and definitely leaves an impression that will carry on to your next conversation. For once, we need to consider ASKING the community what they want instead of throwing our ideas onto the community. Offer them your great help and knowledge. 


GRIT: The Power of Passion & Perseverance 

Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” As a teacher, Angela Lee Duckworth constantly gets asked, “How do you build grit in students? How do you teach solid work ethic and keep them motivated?”

Her answer? Watch this video to learn what she discovered through her own research and personal experience on how to do your work more passionately each day. 



Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are 

As humans we are fascinated with body language- handshakes, funny glances, an awkward hug, etc. We make sweeping judgments and inferences based on body language. Amy Cuddy teaches the psychology behind powerful body language and universal expressions of powerless body language. 

In this video she answers how our own non verbal communication governs the way we feel about ourselves. Through experiments and research, Amy and her team discover how certain body language effects our testosterone, cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and how this ultimately effects our minds. 




If you’re like me, after listening to most of these, I feel like I can smash through my barriers and dominate my goals. What was your favorite TED talk out of these? Hopefully these were inspiring and educational for you to start moving the NEEDLE in your business and life. 

Share with me some of your insights and thoughts in the comments.

Until next time!


Here are some other TED talks that will help inspire you in your Business! 

8 Secrets of Success:

10 ways to have a better conversation:

How to make work-life balance work:

How to make stress your friend:



mortgage loan process - we care

Unveiling An Underwriter’s Role in the Mortgage Loan Process

Here at Sun American, our team genuinely cares and does everything possible to help get you qualified for your mortgage loan. Many steps are involved in the mortgage loan process. Today we are going to outline and dive deeper into what happens in the underwriting process. Underwriting happens behind the scenes of the mortgage loan process, but is a very important step towards getting you approved for a home loan.

What is an Underwriter?

Typically underwriters have years of experience in  Business, Finance, Economics, Math, or Statistics. Certifications and specialized training are required as well. Attention to detail and great communication skills are important traits that underwriters must have to successfully complete their job each day. The underwriter checks thoroughly through all of your documents for completeness and accuracy.

What are they looking for?

What does an underwriter look for? EVERYTHING.

Their goal is to make sure everything meets requirements and is totally compliant in every way. If the list of questions and documents seem endless, we promise they are all necessary and incredibly important for the Underwriter to do their job right. Their top priority is to follow the required guidelines, meanwhile making sure you get approved for a home loan.

Here are the top 4 areas the Underwriter focuses on

Income: Borrowers must have a sufficient income to qualify for the size of the loan they’re aiming for.  Income is reviewed for the length of employment, promotions, type of work and anything else related. To verify this, underwriters ask for bank statements, W2’s and pay stubs that show year to date earnings and other employee documents. Alimony & Child Support also falls under this category.

Credit: Another part of the Underwriting Process involves taking a look at your ability to repay a loan. To check this, an underwriter pulls up things like your DTI (debt to income ratio), current credit score & a credit report history. Credit reputation has to do with any past foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgments, and ultimately measures your ability to pay off your debts.

Property: A property’s appraised value is also analyzed by the underwriter in this stage of the mortgage loan process. An underwriter needs to make sure that the price of the home you’re buying is comparable to values of similar properties. An appraiser will verify this. The underwriter uses the appraised value to determine if the funds garnered from the sale of the property would be enough to cover the amount borrowed.

Assets: Assets are one of the most essential conditions of underwriting. The most common assets include checking and savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and retirement accounts. This shows the borrowers ability to save money and instills more confidence in providing you a loan. It also allows the Underwriter to verify any sources of down payment that may be coming from these accounts. Borrowers most often need to provide 2-3 months of bank statements, their most current investments statements, and all the other necessary documentation to help verify this. In the event that you would be receiving a gift from a family member for your down payment on a new home, the underwriter would be need to verify this and source where that money came from in your account.


We’ve created an extremely organized and top notch system that ensures underwriting is completed in about 24-48 hours. We avoid the “never ending” list of questions and documents by collecting everything we need from the very beginning of this mortgage loan process. By the time your loan hits the underwriting process, it’s been filtered through a few other team members so that the underwriter already has everything he or she needs to complete this final step. The best part of our job is telling you those magic words- that you are cleared to close on a home!

Let us help you get started today! Our team is dedicated to helping you qualify for your dream home. Use our Online Application here and see a quick estimate of how much you can qualify for!

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connecting with your community - tribe

Create a Fanatical Tribe: Connecting With Your Community

There really is an art and a science to marketing your brand and connecting with your community. Becoming more knowledgeable on this can change your life and your Mortgage or Real Estate business. While the numbers and technical stuff is all pretty important, mastering the art and creative side is where the real magic happens!

Consumers can sense when they’re just being treated like a simple “transaction.” Where you should be really focusing your time, money, and energy is figuring out how to get your community pumped and truly addicted to your business- coming back over and over. Sending referrals your way and recommending you to anyone that will listen!

There is a psychology behind this.

Successful marketer and entrepreneur Russell Brunson takes us inside his brilliant mind on HOW to create a fanatical tribe and why connecting with your community is so crucial.

In this podcast Russell discusses an epiphany he had that helped him become an expert on this topic. He was attending a software event with a business partner. Immediately as he walked in the room he felt passion and emotion pouring out of these people. People at this event were telling stories of how these different softwares impacted their lives. Russell was shocked at everyone’s behavior, especially since some of these software programs weren’t that impressive to him.

Then it hit him. These software companies had created a movement. Something they did with their brand obviously connected emotionally with consumers that made them care on a deeper level. It wasn’t just about their product or business, but how the company made them feel. This sparked the thought “How do you create a movement?” 

He carried this thought with him and used it to dig even deeper. Russell looked up what common themes political figures used in their campaigns. He also did this with religious leaders and their movements, successful companies- even cults! From this research, he realized there is a very clear pattern to their success connecting to communities. It goes something like this:

1. Charismatic Leader

Every SINGLE movement in history has always had a charismatic leader or an attractive character. Take a moment and analyze every fast growing company or powerful movement. Apple for example, had Steve Jobs as their main character of the company. He was brilliant and consumers felt that from him every time he introduced a new and exciting product. Martin Luther King Jr. was an exhilarating speaker who changed the world with his speeches and movements. These are just a couple examples, but take a minute and think of your favorite company and see who they’ve chosen as their leader or main character.

Russell talks about the reason this charismatic figure is necessary, saying that we as consumers want to plug into something or somebody. We want to associate someone like-able with that particular product or business.

If being the face for your company scares or intimidates you, do the research for other figures or faces that can be used. Studies have proven that for long term success this is key to connecting deeper to your audience and community.

2. Future based cause, taking people forward

Have you ever wondered how much of an effect political campaigns really have on people? Did you know that almost EVERY single winning campaign talked about moving forward or discussed changing the future?

Former President Barack Obama used the term Forward in all his slogans and campaigns. President Donald Trump uses “Make America Great Again”. Why does this work?

People don’t have faith in the present and always want to move towards greener pastures. Successful weight loss and personal training companies focus on what your body will look like AFTER you purchase their fitness program. They promote “before & after” pictures of success stories and testimonials.

Talk to your clients about what you can change in their future and help them envision it! Use this tactic and amplify it for major success in your business. 

3. Improvement Offer

This last point Russell points out is the most important, but least understood. Creating a movement is all about how you structure what you are presenting to the world. A very small percentage of the world is incredibly ambitious. Most people want to do the very minimum required, so selling ambition doesn’t convert very well. What are you offering consumers that’s any different from what they have now? How will that motivate them to take action?

To use Steve Jobs again as an example, before Ipods came around everyone was using a good ole CD player. When he was pitching his newest invention, he didn’t pull out a “new & improved” CD player for the world to see. He pulled out of his pocket a tiny Ipod and showed his audience the future.

What improved future do you want your clients and community to see?

Share Your Story

The last portion of this incredible podcast, is where Russell talks about the importance of being vulnerable and sharing your backstory. When your community gets to know you personally and feels a more genuine side of you coming through, they will be more attracted to your business. This could be something as simple as sharing some personal photos and updates on your business page every once in awhile.

In conclusion, if you want to see your business exponentially grow you need to be more authentic and engaging with your audience. Research all the best ways to start connecting with your community, putting together fun events, and creating lasting friendships.

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